The Charitable Foundation «Progression»
— Hi! What will you do?
— We will buy freedom, and fight for rights!
— Due to the lack of an accessible environment and high-quality wheelchairs, almost 12 million people in Russia are deprived of work, education, travel, grocery shopping, traffic jams, walking the dog, shopping, cinemas, cafes, dating, independence.
— Gotta do something.
— Let's do it!

The Foundation «Progression» will work to ensure that cities have an accessible environment, education, workspaces, and every person has a comfortable wheelchair and the freedom that technological progress and society can give.

Children waiting for the wheelchair right now
Adults waiting for the wheelchair right now

You have already helped
The Progression Foundation supports special children who are in dire need of maneuverable wheelchairs.

We have created stylish basic hoodies and sweatshirts, with print variations of "Things are rolling to get better", but it will be more than casual wear. This is a symbol of goodness and light that prevails in our world and applies to everyone!

The merch that helps
About Us
People who need an active wheelchair or their parents write to the Progression Foundation. Such wheelchairs can not be obtained from the state, and many children need them from birth, they will have no other way to move around.

And then they, or their relatives, turn to the Progression Foundation for help.
We help the family open a collection and get such a wheelchair.

All children are born free, but not all are born healthy.

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